The Firefighters Podcast

#284 FDIC & Tall Buildings Fire Safety Conference with Russ Timpson

February 26, 2024 Pete Wakefield Season 4 Episode 284
The Firefighters Podcast
#284 FDIC & Tall Buildings Fire Safety Conference with Russ Timpson
Show Notes

 World’s Leading Thinkers on High-Rise Fire Safety Coming to FDIC International 2024 -  The 8th International Tall Building/High Rise Conference will make its US debut April 15-18, 2024 alongside FDIC International in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The event, recognized by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), will bring delegates together with speakers from around the world for three days to provide valuable insights into current best practices, tall building fire safety innovation, and relevant high-fire safety issues including façade testing, 2nd stair debate, smoke hoods, green walls, electric vehicles, PV panels, tall timber, means of escape for vulnerable people, smoke control, high-rise firefighting, drones, hoarding residents, balcony fire risks, new generation fire detection, case studies, car parks, high-rise construction, lithium-ion batteries, tenant/resident engagement, arson prevention, fire engineering developments, and lots more.

Link to Tall Building conference HERE

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