The Firefighters Podcast

#282 Firefighter Cancer, Decontamination & Particulate Protection

February 12, 2024 Pete Wakefield Season 3 Episode 282
The Firefighters Podcast
#282 Firefighter Cancer, Decontamination & Particulate Protection
Show Notes

Episode today from the Firefighter Decontamination & Particulate Protections Seminar 2024 where we spoke with many services attending and many subject matter experts in this space from across the world

This seminar attended by the podcast in January of 2024 focused on the current epidemic of cancer among firefighters. It is with a sense of urgency that we shed light on this pressing issue and explore avenues for effective solutions. 

The epidemic of cancer among firefighters is a stark reality that demands our attention, collaboration, and action. It is a challenge that affects not only the individuals who selflessly serve but also their families, colleagues, and the communities they safeguard. 

In the episode you will hear the current state of affairs regarding firefighter health, delving into the factors contributing to increased cancer risks, and explore strategies to mitigate and prevent these risks. 

A distinguished panel of experts, researchers, and advocates shared insights, experiences, and innovative approaches to address this critical issue. 

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