The Firefighters Podcast

#279 Resilience & Mental Fitness with Hadleigh Fischer

January 29, 2024 Pete Wakefield Season 4 Episode 279
The Firefighters Podcast
#279 Resilience & Mental Fitness with Hadleigh Fischer
Show Notes

Too often, we hear that we need to have a ‘problem’ or a ‘diagnosis’ before we can start taking an active interest in our mental health – how do we shift this ?

What does resilience mean?
What are the key components of resilience?
How do we get people talking openly about improving their Mental Fitness?

At Resilience Agenda, we envision a world where people imagine their mental health just like their physical health.

Hadleigh Fischer created the Resilience Agenda where they envision a world where people can talk about mental health in a language that is free from stigma and that is more relevant, engaging and empowering.

They help everyone start talking openly and proudly about what they are doing to improve their Mental Fitness, just like they do their Physical Fitness.

Find out more about Resilience & Mental Fitness HERE

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