The Firefighters Podcast

#277 Navigating Change with Joe Hassell

January 22, 2024 Pete Wakefield Season 4 Episode 277
The Firefighters Podcast
#277 Navigating Change with Joe Hassell
Show Notes

Joe completed 31 years in the Fire and Rescue Service, having served in both Essex, and Devon & Somerset. He has extensive experience at all levels of command and retired as Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

Joe is a highly qualified commander, trainer and assessor, and he has instructed and been part of Incident Command teams in across the UK, an abroad. 

Today we speak a lot about CHANGE as Joe has extensive experience in organisational transformation setting up and developing Organisational Development and Programme Management teams involving wide-scale public consultations and implementation of new, ground breaking service delivery models.

You can find Joe HERE
We mentioned a few books - links for them are below
Switch: How to change things when change is hard
Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work
Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success
Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking

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