The Firefighters Podcast

#264 Richard Dunbar

December 04, 2023 Pete Wakefield Season 3 Episode 264
The Firefighters Podcast
#264 Richard Dunbar
Show Notes

Richard currently works as a Vehicle Fire Investigation & Alternative Fuelled Vehicle Incident Response specialist & Managing director of NIMBUS FIRE.

From 1965-1976 he went from a Junior Fireman to Chief Instructor at his the Brigade Training school then transitioned to become a Police sergeant from 1976-1988 "on the beat" before working in the Traffic Division on traffic intelligence unit.

He moved an to become the UK's leading authority on HAZMAT incidents and enforcement. Designed and ran the 'Consultative Officers' course which trained 43 UK Police Forces in HAZMAT enforcement and incident management. Was involved in providing advice to the EU and the British Government.

For19 years he then set up & ran the Fire Service in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Nairobi - with a small budget and support from the UK FRS.

NIMBUS FIRE Provide effective fire fighting equipment using high pressure water mist including piercing technology for removing the risk of back draught and offering effective fire fighting.

You can connect with Richard on Linkedin HERE

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